I’ve been recording for years now.  I’ve been involved on a bunch of mixtapes but never did my own.  People began to ask me was I going to put one out so I was like “yeah”.  Initially I was lying because I never took ‘rap’ serious enough.  It seems like a big joke to me.  Fast forward to now and you can officially throw my name in the statisitics (1 out of 3 black males have a mixtape out).  Sad.  I worked with Way 2 Much Ent. on this one, shoutout to the CEO J Skill.  Here is the track listing:

01. Good Morning

02. Good Night

03. You

04. The Ride

05. Outta Sight

06. Fire Phil 

07. Addicted

08. S to the H

09. Halloween

10. Fadeaway

11. Radio

12. Go Hard

13. I’m the Man

A link to download the mixtape will be up sooner than you know!  Stay posted!