Last night I uploaded my latest mixtape ‘Far From Home’ to the web. The mixtape was recorded in a total of 3 hours at Way 2 Much Studios. The crazy thing is that this mixtape was not planned at all or on anyone’s radar. I woke up the previous Friday with a lot on my mind and I immediately created a cover for the mixtape. As I was creating the cover the lyrics began to come to me as if someone were writing them for me. Here is the track list:

01 Let’s Pray 

02 Suicidal State of Mind

03 Dear Brother

04 Coming For My Head

05 Real Shxt

06 Love

07 I Had A Dream

I listened to the mixtape over and over and came to the conclusion that it is a peek into my life and mind.  This is some of the most emotional music I’ve recorded, ever.  Download it and just listen.

Download Far From Home