i have been so hungry for so long
too hungry for too long
every hour on the hour seems like my final hour
it could be this hour
don’t get me wrong, i do no wrong
maybe that’s where i’m wrong
diligent hands bring wealth, yea right
well, the diligent hand to hand swaps on the corner, yea, right
funny how Job didn’t cave, is this my test
but I didn’t start out as Job, am i not blessed
when my eyes are closed its less stress
but the more you sleep, whats next?, death
fuck that
seeing those who believe grieve
and seeing those who filled with mischief achieve
its life
patience is not a virtue its a vice
this brown liquor won’t suffice, you could have gave me wheat bread
but now i want dinner, born sinner
you made it i’ma take it
i’ma born winner
born leader
born cheater
born deceiver
soaked it in like a sponge
let it leave off my tongue
now they squeezing me
no air left in my lung
never wanted it all
just wanted some
we, the belligerent are misfed
by the ignorant we misled
the verdict

off with his head

– reign of terror