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This video was shot in NYC.  ‘The Shining One’ is a track off the ‘Far From Home 2’ tape.

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1. Reign of Terror
2. The Awakening
3. Bloodline
4. My Dopeness
5. Remain Calm
6. Poison
7. The Shining One


The music mixer was a success.  We had a bunch of fun.  There were two photographers there but here are the pics C. Dixon captured. Good Times!  I put the link to the rest of his pics at the bottom, BEWARE!!!, the bad shots are in there too :/



1.  You Aint Know
2. I Know (f. J Hooey)
3.  Where The Cereal
4.  BLB
5.  Cornelius Backstage (Skit)
6.  Your Girlfriend
7.  Dream Girl (p. King Henry)
8.  Groupie Girl
9.  Go Hard
10. In The H
11. SWAC Champs
12. Haters
13. The Real